We love to work with varied colors and fabrics to bring out some of the finest creations with an eye for perfection. Every piece we make is elegantly designed to get the modish look and perfect blend of colors that suits every woman.

We are Saree Designers!

We are service minded boutique felicitators with more than 5 years of experience in luxury retail environment. We are eager to design new patterns on various fabric materials with top-class native techniques.

We oversee the completion of weaving a saree right from choosing the threads used to packing it before we send it to you. We do not promote or sell any other brand except those that are weaved in-house.

Our team knows to design best of sarees at a very affordable price for all sections of the society. Carrying tradition in our heart and soul, we bring to you best of products hand weaved right from the house of VARUNI COUTURE.


We always encourage our designers to choose fabric and material that is natural and never allow any foreign raw materials or copied patterns on our sarees.